650nm Red Laser Beam – Burning Red Lasers, Pointers, and Pens

The red laser beam is the original light frequency to be widely used for the design and production of red laser pointers and pens at 650nm. At their first global recognition, the red laser created quite a buzz amongst various scientific and professional communities. The idea of visible dense light radiation in the convenient form of a hand held pointer was truly revolutionary, so when the diode was stable enough for portable use, many manufacturers and technicians began a global laser light symposium.

So many different varieties of products soon became available as more and more companies and scientists tested their hand in the production of better and more powerful diodes. Soon, you could find all sorts of pointers, keychains, pens in various stores or in gadget magazines, and eventually online. But red pointers have been around a bit longer than the internet, and for a while, people would literally be selling cheap red laser pointers on the street for anyone and everyone to buy. It was every childhood boys fantasy to get a pointer and pretend it was a scope or a military unit. So many dreams were fulfilled by cheap lasers that would include end caps and lenses for your cheap keychain product. But good dreams die hard, and more often than not, they would burn out or be confiscated by wary parents.

Finally, the modern world has caught up with technology, and 650nm red can be found all over the web from a variety of retailers in all sorts of different laser pen models. These have quickly become some of the most popular high-tech gadgets to hit any global market. If you have ever visited a forum or a gadget message board, you may find stories and tales of self proclaimed geek’s using their red laser pointers for all sorts of interesting applications. A few quick searches on YouTube for them can yield a surplus of home made videos showing off their pens power and color.

Whether you are new to lasers or an experienced laser pointer technician, there is always great allure and interest surrounding the 650nm beam. Before you decide to buy any type of laser pointer, be sure that you do a little bit of proper research into the company and laser model you are interested in. There is no sense in getting your hands on a pen that is going to die on you within the first few weeks. A high quality red laser pointer should laser between 3000-5000 hours as a minimum expected lifetime. Enjoy your laser responsibly, even though it may appear less powerful than a green laser, do not be fooled. A direct hit in your eye can cause some serious eye damage, be sure to shine with care.

Source by Jim Bradley

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