All About Police Flashlights

Those who have underestimated the power of flashlights will be swallowing their words now. While in the past the sole purpose of flashlights is to provide light, advances in technology and the evolution of society has given birth to a flashlight that serves many functions. The police flashlight, for instance, does not only assist police men and authority figures in navigating in the dark. It can also serve as a great weapon for defense.

Guards and law enforcers that do night rounds are usually the ones equipped with police flashlights, which are commonly used when they are doing inspections. The birth of police flashlights came with an ingenious idea to merge the functions of a police baton and a light source. Throughout the years, the bulky look of the police flashlight evolved and became more stylish to the point that even private civilians can also own them for
protection in their homes.

Perhaps the best trait of the flashlight is its steady shaft. Most shafts are made from hard metals, aluminum in particular. What was once a drab looking tool is now hip flashlight cum baton. It's actually very rare that you will see any law enforcement officer carrying the traditional batons in the US nowdays.

Like any other flashlight, LED bulbs are also used on police flashlights. LED means light emitting diode, to the uninitiated. LED technology employs high-tech optics and far-reaching light, with its beam hitting up to as far as 250 feet. In fact, some models have lights that are so strong that they can even slice through water. A great police flashlight that has these features is the Gladius.

Gladius is perhaps the most popular and most demanded flashlight being sold in the market today. SWAT teams and Blackhawk operations use the Gladius in their activities. While it is smaller compared to most flashlights, it compensates with a powerful light. Fully charged it can run for around 70 minutes.

Not all police flashlights are alike. There are certain models that glow in the dark for fast retrieval in the event of an encounter, while some are a combination of flashlight and pepper spray. Indeed, the purpose of the creation of police flashlights is really to provide safety and a means of defense for the person who holds it.

The best police flashlight brands today include the Inova, the Streamlight, the SureFire, and the Maglite, primarily because they have long running times, brighter lights and more extra features.

If you want to maximize your use of a law enforcement flashlight, there are courses given to help officers know how to best operate it. Some states even have flashlight weapon handling classes.

Source by Tom Brinic

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