BlueDot Trading 2CR1/3N Lithium Cell Battery, 1 Battery

Bluedot Trading
Price: $35.48 - $26.48

The 2CR1/3N is also commonly used in dog collars. The size of these batteries vary slightly between brands. While this generally does not make any difference in camera applications, some devices, especially dog collars, require very specific dimensions. BlueDot Trading 2CR1/3N batteries are 11.9mm (diameter) x 22.1mm (height).  Please compare your existing battery to these dimensions to determine whether they will fit.Fits cameras such as Yashica G models (with adapter, not included), Asahi Pentax 6×7 (67), Mamiya 7 and Pro TL, and Hasselblad PME-51, 203FE, and 205FCC.Other Common Uses: Cameras, calculators, keyless entry devices, dog collars, invisible fence, Tono pen.Chemistry: Lithium Manganese Dioxide
Voltage:  6.0v
Standard Discharge Current: 10 mA
Recommended Pulse Drain: 20.0mA
Capacity:  160mAH