BlueDot Trading CR1/3N Lithium Cell 2 Batteries

Bluedot Trading
Price: $4.49

The CR1/3N battery is the ideal choice for use in many cameras and other photographic equipment.   It can be used instead of 2 LR44 or SR44 batteries, and will last much longer than these alternatives.   The CR1/3N fits cameras such as the Nikon EM, FE, and FE2, and Leica M6, M6TTL, M7, and MP. BlueDot Trading is a registered trademark. BlueDot Trading LLC and are the only authorized sellers of BlueDot Trading branded products.Chemistry: Lithium Manganese Dioxide
Standard Discharge Current: 1.0 mA
Capacity:  160mAH
Recommended Pulse Drain: 20.0mA
Weight:  3.3g