Duracell DL1/3N CR1/3N 3V Lithium Battery 3 Pack

Duracell Price: Replacement Biomedical Battery for Mentor Corp Tono-Pen XL Tonometer. This Lithium battery has a nominal voltage of 3.0V and a rated capacity of 0.16Ah.The freshest batteries, 100% guaranteed, and same-day shipping on all in-stock merchandisePack

6pk DOG Collar Lithium Battery Replaces 3 Volt Duracell DL-1/3N, Ray-O-Vac 867, 2L76, Energizer 2L76BP, IEC CR11108, CR1-3N, DL1-3N, Dantona Comp 15, Duracell DL1/3N, NL1/3N, Energizer LR1/3N

Exell Battery Price: 6pk Dog Collar Battery EB-DC544 Used in the “DogWatch” brand Dog Collar model AR300M, R6, R7Dog collar battery EB-DC544 is used in the “DogWatch” brand Dog Collar model #AR300M, model #R6, and model #R7. Free Instructions on Replacement with every purchase are provided.Replaces 3 Volt Lithium Non-rechargeable Battery, also known as the • Read More »

Duracell DL1/3N CR1/3N 2L76 5018LC K58L 3V Lithium Battery

Duracell\’s lithium/manganese dioxide batteries represent one of the latest advances in primary battery technology. For applications with a high current pulse (e.g. photoflash) and continuous drain, Duracell offers high rate lithium batteries. All Duracell lithium batteries provide: high energy density and excellent rate capability; wide operating temperature range and superior low temperature performance; excellent shelf • Read More »