Energizer 2L76 Lithium Button Cell 3V + Free Shipping

Price: These batteries are the longest-lasting lithium batteries you can buy for your camera. They are specially designed to produce faster flash recycle times, which is important when you don’t want to miss capturing special moments. Also fits other devices such as dog collars. Lithium 3 Volt 190 mAh Replaces: Duracell DL1/3N, DL-1/3N, CR13N, CR1/3N • Read More »


Price: 3-volt Replaces: Duracell 7K67 & DL1/3N, DL-1/3N, CR13N, CR1/3N, 2L76BP, 2L76, Rayovac 867 Long shelf life–retains 90% of original service life capacity after up to 10 years in storage Lithium 190mAh

2 Pack Energizer Everready 3.0 Volt Photo Battery 2L76BP

Price: When your film camera’s batteries begin to die and fail, then it’s time to replace them with a trusted name for long lasting power, the Energizer 3-Volt Lithium Photo Battery. This battery will keep you taking picture after picture, even if you put it in storage for a while, because it retains 90% of • Read More »