Choosing a Great Flashlight

More than just a convenience, light is a necessary part of our daily lives. Flashlights are the most useful portable light sources we have. So many different kinds of flashlights exist today for different needs. Light companies like Streamlight, Maglight, and others make high quality lights for all kinds of uses.

Size is an important consideration when choosing a flashlight. Smaller flashlights can fit in any purse or bag but provide dimmer light than others. Large, bulky lights for outdoor use provide lots of light and battery life. Flashlights come with many different types of power source. Rechargeable flashlights can be recharged by plugging them in the wall when not in use. There are also batteryless flashlights which work on different principles. Crank operated flashlights work by turning a hand crank to provide power. Some flashlights are build to work underwater. These lights are specially built to be waterproof and sometimes even float.

One recent invention that has revolutionized flashlight technology is LED bulbs. LEDs use less power than regular bulbs to provide the same light. Plus it's more difficult to break LEDs because they have fewer parts than a regular bulb. They are ideal lights for use outdoors, like for fishing, boating, or hunting.

HID flashlights are much brighter than other types of bulb. They are also sturdier and break less easily. HID lights are used by police and firefighters for their needs.

You should be sure that the flashlight you choose fits your own needs. If you're looking for a flashlight to use in emergencies at home, consider a no battery light like a crank flashlight. A light for outdoor use, however, needs to be more rugged. If you have special needs, like a very intense beam, you should look at a special light. Since there are so many kinds of flashlight, with some looking you're sure to find one that works for you.

Source by Charles Martingham

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