Efficiency of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is appropriate for any area where there is unwanted hair, with the exception of inside the ears, nose, or arch of eyebrows. The lasers works on all follicles in their active growth phase – meaning that any follicles in the active growth phase that are treated are gone for good. Large areas such as the back, the arms and the legs are just as easily treated as smaller areas such as the upper lip and the bikini line.

Laser hair removal is efficient. It's a long-repeating method that removes undesired hair and saves individuals time and energy previously devoted to other methods. Who would not want to skip shaving every other day? Especially during bikini season, when the last thing a man or a woman wants to worry about is unattractive body hair.

Compare Other Methods of Hair Removal

Other methods of hair removal include:

  • Shaving
  • Depilatories
  • Epilation-Tweezing
  • Waxing
  • Threading
  • Electrolysis

Shaving is the most frequently chosen option for men and women when it comes to removing unwanted hair. Men may purchase an electric shaver to manage light growth and a bladed razor to handle darker, heavier stubble. For women, the same can be said. In the Western world, the most popular areas for shaving are the face for men and the legs and underarms for women.

Depilatories are creams that have foul odor, but work at dissolving the hair in the follicle. Epilation-tweezing is painful, slow and may actually cause ingrown hairs. It requires waiting for outgrowth in order to continue plucking. Epilation can last for a few weeks, but is still only a temporary solution.

Waxing is very painful and can cause irritation. For waxing to be effective, you need a great deal of hair growth. Rolling the wax on and pulling it off can be very painful. There can be skin discoloration from waxing and when hair growth returns, you have to let it grow out before you can repeat a waxing.

Threading is a process that requires twisting the hair to pull it out. It's as painful as it sounds and can cause issues like irritation, folliculitis, ingrown hairs and pigmentation changes. Finally, electrolysis is another painful process that requires inserting a needle into the skin and running an electric current in order to destroy the roots in the hair shaft. The hair itself can then be tweezed and pulled out.

More Effective Than Temporary Methods

All of these methods are temporary, lasting a few months at best. The more painful procedures have some negative side effects. Laser hair removal is a far longer lasting and far less painful than these other methods. Lasers work efficiently, which can be of real value to men and women who want to remove their unwanted hair without repetitive painful procedures.

There are many different lasers and methods out there that are effective, comfortable, safe and fast for removing unwanted hair. Discover the freedoms that laser hair removal provides for individuals every single day: the freedom from unwanted hair, the freedom from temporary hair removal methods and the freedom from pain and constant expense.

Source by Mary Scott

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