Laser Hair Removal Surgery Issues

Removing unwanted hair is often a painful and inconvenient process. If you are considering waxing then you have to wait till the hair grows to an unsightly length while if a chemical depilatory is your thing then you may find yourself wondering how the harsh chemicals will affect your skin in the long run. Laser hair removal is a wonderful option to the traditional methods of hair removal as it is essentially painless and permanent. This surgery involves the use of laser equipment to focus laser beams on the hair follicles until they die.

What is Hair Removal Laser Surgery?
Laser surgery is an effective and efficient manner to get rid of unwanted hair forever. Most states in America require that a qualified medical practitioner or a MD to perform or exceed the surgery. These systems are designed for use by doctors. In untrained hands it could cause damage to the skin and the person. A mild anesthetic would be applied to the skin before the surgery so as to avoid even the little discomfort that occurs during the process. Surgery requires the use of FDA approved equipment such as the diode laser.

How Many Sittings are Required?
At a time only three fourth of a person's hair grows so only with repeated sittings of hair removal laser surgery, at least a month apart can all the hair from the area be removed. The number of times surgery would be required would depend on the amount of hair that needs to be removed. So if you are only removing sections from your moustache it would take fewer sittings as compared to if you were having it removed from your back and your arms and legs. The amount of time required for each time is also dependent on the area to be covered.

Does Surgery Affect Your Skin?
Laser beams are absorbed only by the follicles which are darker than the skin and are reflected back by the lighter skin. Surgery is found to be most effective when the skin is lighter than the hair. Black hair is found to easily removed as is hair that is coarse. If you have a darker skin tone you may still be able to get surgery after the skin has been bleached. Mild discoloration is seen in occasional cases and is temporary. It is important that you follow the instructions and advice of your surgeon.

Precautions To Be Taken Before and After Surgery
It is important that your skin is not tanned before you have surgery. If you need to bleach your skin beforehand your doctor will let you know. After surgery it is important to protect the skin from direct sun contact. A sunscreen of SPF 15 and higher must be used and tanning is prohibited until your surgeon tells you otherwise.

What is the Cost of Surgery?
The pricing of surgery differs from place to place and also from doctor to doctor. In comparison to conventional hair removal methods it is more expensive but then you are assured pain removal of your that is actually permanent. Furthermore surgery requires more expertise than your regular beauty practitioner. So think of the cost of hair removal surgery as a one time payment to say good bye to unwanted hair while you would be paying regularly for more inconvenient and messy hair removal techniques. Hair laser removal surgery could cost $ 100- $ 500 depending on the amount of hair to be removed.

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