LED Maglite Flashlights Have Finally Arrived

Maglite is a very (worldwide) popular brand when it comes to flashlights-flashlights that are of quality, built tough, and are taken seriously. For the latter part of the decade, it looks that the company has been slowly slipping in popularity because of their loyalty to incandescent bulbs, when more efficient LEDs (bulbs) were being used by their leading competitors.

To say the least, the brand was a little late to jump on the bandwagon. They released their first LED flashlight only in 2006.

Because of this, they lost some of their appeal to flashaholics. Yes, such a world exists-a simple online search for the term will lead you to online communities and forums where people who love and collect flashlights partake in discussions.

There was a time when only the Maglite brand was attached to any torch that had quality. In fact, you probably saw their units used in movies and television shows that involve some kind of dark / night cop scenarios. In reality, Maglite was, in an unofficial way, the official flashlight of US law enforcement agencies. This was also due to the fact that their units could have been used as makeshift weapons-the torches were bulky and made of hard metal. It is quite sad to see that the same agencies have switched to more efficient tactical lights such as those made by SureFire and Streamlight.

Today, Maglite has made LED versions of their more famous models-models such as the Mini Maglite, the 2-cell, and the 3-cell. In my own personal opinion, I am quite surprised they still manufacture and sell those use incandescent bulbs.

LED is far more superior in all aspects compared to krypton or xenon bulbs. It uses less electricity, it is brighter, and will literally last tens of thousands of hours of use.

However, another plus for Maglite though, is that they offer LED upgrade modules for their existing incandescent units. If you own one of these, this can be a less expensive upgrade if you want to experience LED power.

Source by Valentino Schumacher

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