Night Sights Or Laser? Both!

You can purchase most pistols with a variety of accessories. Some make the gun fit your hand better. Some accessories let you acquire the target faster. Two of the most popular with my students are night sights and lasers. Which one is better? How about both?

The nights sights are typically tritium covered three dot configurations that allows you to place the sights in alignment in low light conditions. They glow after a brief exposure to any light source. There are fiber optic sights with colored inserts in several colors. The most popular colors of my customers are green and red.

Lasers come in several flavors as well. Some are mounted on the gun and do not change the profile of the weapon. This allows you to have a laser without changing holster options. LaserMax and Crimson Trace ® are the most popular choices. Another option is a laser that mounts on the under barrel accessory rail. The under slung laser can be purchased with an integral light. This frees your hands and you still get illumination. Now you must find a holster to fit. There are holsters made expressively for these configurations.

Tritium night sights do not require batteries. Lasers can fail if the batteries are weak or they encounter a hard impact.
Lasers can be put into play from a cleared holster position with the pistol close to the body. The shot from the hip can be controlled and the security of the firearm is not compromised. For about $ 350 you can have both night sights and a laser. Now you have a more versatile gun that can be quickly bought to the target. Talk to your local gunsmith and find out what will fit your pistol.

Source by Bruce Hosea

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