Crimson Trace LG-912G Master Series Laser Grips, Green

Crimson Trace
Price: $479.00 - $437.95

The LG-912G green master Series Laser grips for Springfield Armory EMP combines custom grip quality with the tactical advantages that only a Crimson Trace laser sight can provide. Front activated, the LG-912G features Crimson Trace instinctive activation, which means that the laser is activated when the gun is held in a natural firing grip. Specifications: – product type: master Series – fits: Springfield Armory EMP – attachment: grip replacement – activation location: front activation – sighting: factory sighted at 50′ – master on/off switch: yes – battery type: four #2016 lithium batteries – laser battery life: over two hours – laser output: 5mW green laser – activation mode: pressure activated – laser visibility: approx.5″ diameter at 50′ – user adjustable: wind age and elevation – installation: user installed – color: black – dot size: approx. 0.50″ at 50′.Check for laser warnings
Activation: instinctive Activation front
User adjustable: both wind age and elevation