Smile Bright, Smile White: The First Smile You See Tonight

Remember the kid’s poem: “Star bright, star light, first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight.” A bright star in a dark sky shines out for each child to wish for something beautiful.

If you are dating, interviewing for a new job, or meeting a new business partner, making a first impression is important. Your first breakthrough with your new acquaintance starts with your first smile. Look in the mirror for a minute; smile at yourself. Make a big smile. Do you like what you see?

If you are like most people, your teeth may need a whiter appearance. Often teeth become discolored from smoking, drinking cola-colored sodas or coffee, chewing tobacco or eating foods that stain. The American Dental Association suggests that plaque builds up on teeth as we get older and affect tooth color. Changes in dentin, the layer beneath tooth enamel, can darken teeth as well.

Despite these challenges, you can develop your beautiful white smile and gleam confidence to those you meet. You can choose from a variety of whitening processes and products that cosmetic dentists use help get brighter teeth and a happier life. If your budget is tight, you may consider exploring self-tooth-whitening, using home treatment and over-the-counter tooth whitening products.

If you have the money and the time, a professional cosmetic dentist can provide very effective teeth whitening processes. Make sure to investigate the dentists in your area. Look through on-line directories, get testimonials and recommendations. Before starting any work, schedule a professional examination to learn what cosmetic options the dentist provides, as well as the fee schedule. Whitening processes can range from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the area of the country, the dentist’s experience and the type of whitening treatment.

Your teeth can be whitened using brand name processes, like Zoom(TM) Whitening. A cosmetic dentist performs Zoom Whitening in his or her office, using laser-light activated whitening gel. A dental-office whitening procedure may last between one to one-and-half hours per visit. The number of visits depends on how discolored your teeth are and how bright you want them to be.

Another dental procedure involves at-home treatment, where you whiten their teeth using a tooth whitening tray system. The tray system uses a whitening chemical that penetrates the enamel layer and whitens the entire tooth. The dentist crafts a custom-fitted bleaching tray and supplies a bleaching gel. At home, you place the gel in the bleaching tray and wear that tray for up to two hours at your convenience. Over time, this practice replaces the darker colored teeth with a brighter color.

Sometimes, you might just have a few stains on your front teeth or may just want to lighten your teeth color. You can use tooth whitening products purchased over the counter to achieve that goal. Teeth color may be lightened by repeatedly covering the enamel with a concentrated treating chemical, like hydrogen peroxide or baking soda. For short-term fixes, such as whitening strips and paint-on whiteners, can whiten your teeth. These methods do not have as permanent effects as professional whitening treatments. You need to be careful, too. You can actually damage the enamel on your teeth if you use strong treatments on a continual basis.

Teeth whitening strips are inexpensive and do whiten teeth. However, whitening strips may not deliver the exact results that you expect. Whitening strips use and exact dose of carbamide peroxide, but only whiten the teeth in direct contact with the whitening strip. The strips generally cover the six center teeth, eyetooth to eyetooth. Some people find their smile is longer than the strip allows for. You will not achieve a full mouth of white teeth using whitening strips.

If a bright, white smile is your goal, tooth whitening is available to you. Make sure to evaluate both over-the-counter methods as well as professional whitening available through dentists. Whitening is rarely covered by insurance because it is purely aesthetic in purpose. It is up to you to decide if whitening your teeth is worth the time and money.

There is nothing like a white smile. It conveys to the world good health and confidence. It makes your date, your boss, your friends, and your family smile back, while they think, “How does she (he) get such white teeth?” Whiten your teeth today and be the bright star that people wish to meet.

Source by Dave Pipitone

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