Stun Gun Flashlights Are Great for People Who Don’t Have Night Vision And Hate Being Mugged

Stun gun flashlights are truly one of a kind. They are multi-functional tools of safety and not just self-defense weapons. They first and foremost are a flashlight and who can’t use a flashlight on occasion. Unless of course they are capable of seeing in the dark. You know, people that have night vision. I believe they call those bats. So unless you are a bat the flashlight should come in handy on occasion. If you are a half-bat-half-human hybrid I hope that I have in no way offended you as that is pretty cool.

The stun gun flashlight is also a safety light which can be used in many situations but I think makes the most sense in traffic situations. Say your car stalls on the highway after the sun has gone down. That is always a tense situation and a potentially dangerous one that can now be avoided with this handy little tool. In a case like this it doesn’t matter whether or not you have night vision. It’s the other cars not seeing you that you have to worry about. Sorry bat guy.

The stun gun flashlight is also a high decibel alarm. This is where this instrument of self-defense really starts strutting its stuff. If someone were to approach you in a threatening manner you simply let this little baby start sounding off and I assure you that the assailant is going to think twice about continuing. When a 130 decibel alarm starts going off people start noticing. That’s great for you and bad for Mr. Assailant.

Last but certainly not least the stun gun flashlight is just that. A stun gun. A stun gun with 200,000 volts of stopping power. So even if Mr. Assailant is stupid enough to not heed the alarm he can come get a taste of what 200,000 volts can do. Let me tell you what it will do. Stop the assailant from doing anything but losing complete control over their own body. Fortunately for the assailant (I know that sounds odd) he or she won’t have to worry about any permanent damage as this weapon is as humane as a truly effective weapon of self-defense can be.

So just to recap…

If you don’t have night vision, are not a half human/half bat mutant and don’t enjoy being mugged you might want to seriously consider purchasing a stun gun flashlight of your very own.

Source by Carl Vouer

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