Whistler 1778 Laser Radar Detector Review

Everybody seems to want a radar detector now. And you cannot really blame them. Rumor has it that there are special private little prizes given to officers who pull over the most cars in a week, so more and more people are being pulled over for speeding and being issued speeding tickets. So buying a laser radar detector only seems to be common sense – after all, everybody needs it!

A basic search online will tell you that there is a whole range of radar detectors. It can be very difficult to find one that is right for you. This is why you have to look for reviews. And if you are looking for one with good features that does not come with a price tag that will need you to take a second mortgage on your house, you will know that you have found what you are looking for when you get to a Whistler 1778 Laser Radar Detector Review.

When you go through the review, you will see that it has all the features you need, and that there are plenty of places online where you can get a great deal on it. You will not need to read a review to see that it looks great, of course – it has a sleek little design that will look great in your car. What sets the Whistler 1778 apart is that it also has the features to go with this sleek, neat look.

The Whistler 1778 Laser Radar Detector can pick up even the latest speed guns, which operate on the bands K and Ka, through a new feature, the POP Mode. Another feature is the “Stay Alert” – if you are on long trips, it will make sure that you stay alert. Of course, like with any device like this, you can still expect a couple of false alarms, but the complete coverage that it offers makes up for it. It will detect all VG-2, safety radar, radar and laser bands.

The VG-2 detector is especially useful, in case you are driving through a jurisdiction where radar detectors are illegal. The Whistler 1778 Laser Radar Detector Review will tell you that not only is the Whistler 1778 immune to VG-2, but it also detects it with dependable accuracy.

Source by Gary Pearson

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